Monday, 26 March 2018

1 Year Working Experience

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So today 27.03.2018 cukup setahun Tiey keje kat Mizulab Sdn Bhd. Sekejap je masa berlalu kan. Tggu 6 months probation then sekarang genap setahun. How fast time flies. 

Nowadays, bukan senang nak ad working experience especially in related field of we studied. Ramai yang keje luar dari bidang belajar due to difficulty of getting job related to our field of study. Alhamdulillah and bersyukur sangat2 for the given opportunity.
If you really eager and passionate to work in your job that you have been dreaming of since of your first step of being college student then you need to fight for. Too many opportunities offered out there. Take the risk, gaji ciput, environment keje xbest! The most important thing 'WORKING EXPERIENCE'.

Nak apply jobstreet as fresh graduate memang rare to be called for an interview! See, first job working experience is crucial for you to expand your job career. Indeed!
THANKS to all of the companies who give job offer to fresh graduates. Bukan senang nak dapat company camni, rata2 nak experience smua. Fed up. 😑