Thursday, 31 January 2013

I Wanna be a smart Hacker!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good afternoon uolls, di malam hari Khamis yg indah ni, dh baca ke yaasin? Kalau sudah bagusla! Malam yg indah dek kesunyian sbab half of my housemate pergi lawatan, so ade beberapa org je kat rumah sewa ni. Then, roomate plak suka sngat lepak kat bilik sebelah, pastu tinggal kite je sorang2 lam bilik ngadap laptop.huhuhu. Sometimes, buat2 mcam i'm smart hacker, well bila org tngok mcam terkejut je betapa terenya sy. muahahaha. Hakikatnya, benda tu simple je, bdak2 pum boleh buat la benda2 tu.

Hurm, bila mengadap depan komputer, mesti ade benda yg nak buat, especially doing this thing which is speed up my internet access. Yg command and guna speed accelerator internet software je, tp kalau expert hacker conpem lg ganas diorang punya software. Tp, my surrounding people dh tabik dh dengan kepakaran yg sy ade, hehehe. Bukan nk bangga, tp bangga la jgak. keh2. Tapi, kalau la diberi peluang belajar psal komputer or hack secara halal tu nk try la belajar. Hack secara halal? Maksudnya bukannye nk hack fb, computer org lain or so on, but benda2 yg menguntungkan diri sendiri je la, dari segi speed up my internet access and so on. Kalau yg need a spy pum boleh la jadikan sy as new spy, so boleh bljar bnyak benda :)

Figure kat bawah ni adalah wireless Network watcher, so boleh la check sape yg guna wireless kat umah kita. This software very well suit to the kaki download yg baik hati macam sy because this software function as a guidance to check weather ramai xpengguna yg tngah on9. If ramai yg on9, so xpyh nk gatal2 download la sbab kena la memahami perasaan diorang bila ad salah sorang yg sedut line thap gaban, smpai sejam still loading, sape yg xmarah kan?? kan2. So, kdg2 rase cuak jgak bila on9, pastu loading lama tahap gaban, rasa nk lempang je yg tngah2 download time 2 sbab almost hosemate ni guna internet, mesti la lembap macam siput. Kalau nk download pum, tngok time la brader. Xkan la time ramai yg on9 time tu jgak la engkau nk sedut line smpai yg lain ni rasa geram thap menggila. So, pandai2 la ada software ni kalau nk download eah, so xmenyusahkan hidup lain memandangkan 1 housemate byar bil wifi kan2. hehehe. Sorry la kalau kasar sngat skit ayat ni. Peace ;)

###Wireless Network Watcher

Manakala yg kat bwah ni plak software nk lajukan internet. Dari segi effective tu bolehla, sbab barang free xkan la nk gempak sngat kan. hehehe. So, ni lah yg dikatakan i'm smart hacker at the lowest level among yg expert punya.muahahah
###Speedconnect Accelerator

A sad story :(

Assalamualaikum wb.t,

First of all, praise to  ALLAH for giving a life to us and live happily with our beloved people. The most important thing is thank to ALLAH because we were born as ISLAM! We were born as young children then we are growing up to the stage by stage and the last stage we are getting older, so the death stage also getting closer to us? This word does make a sense as we tough older people we will be called for death moment as their age are getting rise up, but we don't realize that our destiny have been determined by ALLAH, so we can't guess when the time will come.

News about death for every single day always getting full in newspaper which include all of ages, not the older one only. So, we can assume that death call are not only on the older age, but the young one also will be face their death as ALLAH already determine our fate and destiny since we were exist as a fetus. Ok, straight to my sad story, it is about a death of one of my university student, which is a young boy from office management course, part 3 and come from Kedah where he was died because of being drown away by heavy wave. I'm not pretty sure what he was doing at there, whether he was swim or do sumthing.

The location that drown away his body is Pantai Pandak Beach, as local people knew the fact or history about this beach. Even though this beach has beautiful scenery but it quite dangerous especially for those who want swimming at there. Based on local people say that this beach is very dangerous as it surface is smooth and easy to absorb thing "pasir jerlus", especially people that play at those area. He went to the beach at the afternoon but were drown away at that time and finally had been found at 10p.m, last night. After knowing the news, it makes me afraid about death moment that he should face and also his young age that had been called for a death as ALLAH will. So, age is not main role to be called for a death moment when ALLAH will, so we have to face it but just pray that ALLAH ease the way of our death.

So, we hope that any of us do not swimming or getting into the water as it could dangerous your life especially during rising of water. This beach already cause many people death and this young boy may the 30th sumtim among the victims. If you are trying to having picnic, see the scenery, hangout in front of the this beach stall to eat sotong goreng or do anything else, its ok as it is not dangerous to us but beware when bring children.

So, let we pray together to this young boy or his name is Muhamad Nor Fitri, May his spirit is blessed by ALLAH and granted into Jannah. AMIN.

Let BYGONE Be gone

Assalamualaikum wb.t,

Good morning to all of u and have a nice day ;). How was your sleep? You have been dream met a prince or princess or this is your worst dream? Hopefully, we never make our dream as a guidance of our life, but just make it as a games during sleeping, well my dream was nightmare because had watched ghost movie " Minyak Dagu" with my roommates. So, tidur pum xlena al maklum la every minute tersedar sbab terkejut dgn mimpi smpai xsabar nk bngun. hehehe. The most important thing, say ALHAMDULILLAH to ALLAH s.w.t for giving our chance to live our live again.

Semalam dh habis berjuang test 1 for analysis chemistry and Alhamdulillah berakhir sudah kepenatan yg melanda, al maklum la this subject is heavy enough and gives a big burden to me and other students as this chapter should be taken by degree level, tp mungkin sbab kiteorang terer sngat kot. hahaha. INI SEMUA POYO.....So, 1st test utk setiap subjek dh berlalu, tp xtaula each my test was kicked out by doing a lot of mistake and i was realized after going out from the test. Agak sedih bila 1st test xdpat nk skor tinggi, and the most thing that make me quietly furious is by doing silly mistake. Tp, sabar je la dan anggap ni sebagai ujian ALLAH & take note atas kecuaian diri sendiri.

So, let bygone be gone! We should regret to our past but bring sumtim new which is new effort in order to change back the mistake and by doing well. Inshaa ALLAH, this mistake will be recall back and never try to repeat it, as Entrepreneur said "Good entrepreneur is a person that  quick learner from their failure to be successful person". So, normal la tu fail awal2 benda yg kita buat kan, so at the end we might get what we want and we are deserve to get it, but with a strong effort need to be taken.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Preparing myself for Tomorrow TEST.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good afternoon uolls, especially to my fellow friends yg kushyuk & sibuk menatap nota CHM260 tu. Alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH for giving me a strong spirit and having interest utk study. Tadi baru je jawab quiz CHM260 ptg tadi, alhamdulillah ok la. So, kira study yg quiz tu sbgai preparation awl utk chapter 2, & chapter 1 has just finish. Sukanya!!!hehehehe. Tapi tutorial & past year belum buat lg utk chapter 1. Kalau still nk smbung mmg x la, dh lewat dh ni. So, better rehatkan minda & bangun pagi2 awal lg solat subuh and continue study.

Fuhh, tomorrow gonna make me feel the nervous feeling as i'm lacking of enough preparation to face test paper. So, need to struggle la jawabnya and the most important thing i'm trying to manage my long gap dgn stdy group and buat discussion dgn member2. Xtaula cam mane la jenis soklan tu. Yg pasti kena usaha dulu, then tawakkal to ala'llah. :) Nyte, sleep tight and sweet dream to all of u and we hope we still alive for tomorrow day and continue again our responsible as ALLAH servant. May ALLAH ease our further day. AMIN.

Monday, 28 January 2013



Good afternoon to everyone over the world. How about your day? My day is quite STRESSS!! Arhhhhh. Im gonna shouting because of heavy stress! Tomorrow is my second quiz for CHM260, but im only finished study half of it should be finished, but my brain is already hang. Fuhh, i don't know how to make myself feel comfort enough and having an interest to love this chapter as this note is very thick than the others.

Hurm, what's going on me? Actually it always happen as we do not having interest on our study even though we have already force ourselves. So, to take back my good feeling, i was done various things such as watching runningman, play zombie vs plant game and so on. However, these don't work and nothing were changed instead of making me going crazy coz time is already going to left myself. So, the best answer, sleep tight. ok baiiiii...............

Go home Editor! You're Drunk.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Top recent news kat fb pasal newspaper problem, bila baca artikel tu mmg nk gelak sampai pecah perut. Lawak giler doe! Nak salahkan sape pasal benda yg berlaku ni? Editor xckup tidur kot smpai mengarut tahap gaban je artikel diorang, xpum gaji xmasuk lg.hoho. Before this Utusan Mlysia punya artikel psal keistimewaan Justin Bieber, tp diagram plak psal perkampungan, adoyai. lawak den.

 ###Newspaper Utusan Malaysia 3 January 2013.

Bila baca artikel ni rasa macam sedikit aneh, try pikir positif maybe ad kot perkampungan yg bernama Justin Biber, tp pikir2 mmg editor ni tersilap la kot. Ade ke patut boleh jd camgini, bila baca je rasa nk pecah perut .huhuhu. Well, as human being we can't avoid by doing mistake kan, so biar je lah.

Tapi metro hari ni, 28 Januari 2013 plak yg buat lawak, adoyai. Mmg yg ni lagi la lawak, ap kaitan dgn Najib Razak ni? hahaha. Mungkin editor ni taksub sngat kot dgn pm, well tarikh nk mengundi dh nk dekat.hehehe. Kontroversi betui la newspaper skrg ni, kasihan kat mama Rosmah bila baca newspaper ni. mesti gadoh bsar dgn Abg Jib, main kayu 3 dgn Che Ta.HAHAHA

###Go Home Metro, You're Drunk!

Yg ni plak trolled drp Malaysian Gags, lgi la lawak.huhuhu. Sabar je la Mama, nk buat camne Abg Jib mama punya mmg hot.haha. Kena saman la metro kjap lg sbab dh hancurkan hati Big mama ni, ape pum xboleh blah he.hahahaha

#### More trolled from Malaysian Gags

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Never Judge anything that u don't know the TRUTH!

Assalamuaalaikum w.b.t,

We often listen the phrase "Dont Judge people by its cover"! As a Muslim, judging people "pig blindly' can cause as a fitnah to those persons that you have been judged. Judging without knowing the truth is common matter among us without thinking of the consequence. Sometimes, most people always judging beggar as a cheapest people as they always asking for something or anything that would be given by others. But, as human being we should consider about their life, maybe they are suffered, a lot of burden and we should play main role to be their part of life, by helping them.

Straight to my story, as i have posted a status about my hang out day with my friends just now and i would like to share about humanity nature. While we are waiting for bus keranda, one old man comes to us and asking for help. He tells his problem to us that his motorcycle was damaged, so he left his young daughter at a location. Because of worrying about his young daughter to be taken, he borrowed an Chinese motorcycle. But, he doesn't has sufficient money to be used for another reason (not clearly listen his talks as we are beside the road). He is trying to tell that he need a help to have RM18, maybe to pay his motorcycle damage  repair.

He appearance, talks, face makes all of us gonna drop out of our tears, so we decided to collect our money and giving to him. After giving the money, he gives broad smile to shows his pleasure and appreciate to us for our helping. He trying to contact us to replace back this money soon, but we just give back a beautiful smile as we tell him that this given are sincerely from us. He also looks quite guilty as he asking for help from students, and worried whether we have enough money to eat. Finally, he left us and taking his borrowed motorcycle, at the same time giving a hon and bye to all of us. One of my friend has already drop out her's tears, but i'm just force myself to be a strong as i can.

Moral value that we got from yesterday, help people that need a help as We have ALLAH & In shaa ALLAH, HE will help you when you are needed a help! This story is not trying to make me "RIAK", But im trying to share how sweet moment when you are helping people that really need a help. :) I hope may ALLAH ease the uncle way :)

Almost my half day outing with my friends!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good evening everyone,today  bright sun beam makes surrounding hot and the best way is take rest at home. Well, after one half of yesterday was spent by outing and had did a lot of fun activities. Began at 7.30am, went to the Bukit Besar for jogging by prebet Abg Sabri with six other members. As we arrived, there is already a lot of people do their activities for example jogging, aerobic exercise and so on. While, six of us jogging along the bukit besar and its needs strong mentality as the hill is quite steep and we need strength to climb up, or jogging la.hehe. But, there is a lot people over age range and our surrounding environment is also good as we have to compete with each other to get the best quick arrived.

However, one of my member could not reach at the top of the hill as she is going to faint and would like to vomit. So, she just take rest at the middle of our journey games. hohoho. After reaching at the top of hill, all of us are tiring enough and take a long rest to recover back our lost energy. 10 minutes already past, so we decided to start jogging down the hill as this is the bigger challenge to us to keep moving down as the hill is so high and steep. We moving down the hill without having a break as the hill is so steep so we could not control our leg until we success arrived at the bottom of hill. Then, we are going to the park where it is located in front of the hill and we do some exercise before continue our next plan which is swimming. hohoho.

We are decided to take bus keranda as the fees is much cheaper than taking prebet with price only RM1. So, we have to wait for the 1st bus which is at 9.05am and wait, wait, wait until the bus has arrived at 9.40am. Before taking the bus we asking to the driver either we could go to our destination by taking this bus and absolutely our surrounding people look us such foreigner  HAHAHA. So happy and appreciate too much to the bus driver because of his kind person and friendly taking us to the Kompleks akuatik at Pantai Batu Buruk.

After that, we do swimming and this is my 4 times going to the swimming pool! We took session II, starting from 9.30a.m-11.30a.m, but we have already lost our 30minutes, so just using the rest of precious time by swimming. Then, we planning not include me ;) to release our tension by karaoke. hehehe. So, im just follow them but before that we are taking KFC meal for our lunch as our new energy recovery. Then, we take again bus keranda about 2 times to go the karaoke station.After making our throat thirsty, we do play children games which is playing car race and motor gp. kuikuikui. Fuhhh,after 12 hours going out with my friends, we back to our home and rest sufficiently to recover back our fuel.huhu. That is great moment that we are ever forgot and will be remember always!

###Waiting for the bus....

 ### Lunch at KFC.....
****My beloved roommate SHIDA a.k.a gangster Puchong.hoho

**** Thirah, my new friend.hohoho

 ### Taking Bus KERANDA.....

**** Rasa macam duk kat bangladesh doh, coz almost bus passengers are Bangladeshi..

###Playing child games

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Planning For Tomorrow

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Tomorrow is holiday Friday, so my planning are spending my time with jogging and swimming! So, begin your day by doing healthy activities, so we will get ideal body shape and good health condition rather than taking expensive supplement. So far, my internal body is under ideal range but always being infected by disease, however it could not be avoided as ALLAH will. Now, people in my rent house are busy talking about herbalife product and also consume that product as they believe it could realizes their dreams to give a good body shape (more healthier). Since the price is very expensive, i'm not among the consumer as it only available to loaded person.

For me by taking additional supplements are not enough if you are not exercise or do not have a good life condition. For example, lacking of water intake, do not exercise, always do sleeping, and eat at late night.  So, nothing at all you can have a healthy condition if doing such these things. If you are desire to have a good body shape, you should try to swim, jogging and do others activities. This is because, when we do exercise, it will move our some of muscles that are rare used, so that it could burn up your fat at those area especially saturated fat (selulit).

Ceh, what nonsense talk that i have bubbling on above status. haha. Actually the main purpose is to share the two main activities will be done tomorrow, but a few advice also is given or we call as bubbling. hehe. However, feels quite sad where my beloved thing, camera was left at my home coz forgot to bought it when come to tganu. So, no photos will be post as the prove of our activity that have been done. hehe. No need la, gempak sngat la cik tiey ni kan. So, for those yg nk trut serta jogging kat bukit besar & swimming kat kompleks akuatik kuala terengganu jom la join skali.

Last but not least, wishing a good day for tomorrow and may ALLAH ease our way :) XD

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good afternoon alls, today im gonna share about the feeling of being part of graphic editor, that is awesome kind of job! Since secondary school my hobby is capturing photos, but now as university student it had been changed into pictures editor. Well, posting your pictures that have not been edited look not so interesting enough, so need to touch up to make the pictures look real right. Growing of advance technology make me to know more about computers, editing, and all if i can. Actually, the thing that make me having high curiosity to know how it works and how to use it, which is adobe Photoshop.

From this movie, almost magazine editors used this advance software to make their snapped photos look real and nice. After looking this video, it makes me to try learn more about using of adobe Photoshop software. Only one word could getting out from my mouth "awesome" dude! As low level editor of photo, just using a few kind of free editing software which is picasa and photoscape. But now, i have learn only some part of this software and hopefully i could make tutorial in order to help others.

New Blogger

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hye, i'm new blogger and i will try my best to  learn more about on how to manage blog and do leave comment. Xkisahla komen anda tu membina ke x, In sha ALLAH sy akan terima seadanya :). Actually, this blog function as diary replacement as well as we knew handwriting too much tiring rather than hand typing kan. Bab2 writing dlm bhs ingelish ni, mmg bnyak la kena komen especially grammar berterabur la & macam2 la. But, the main purpose of having blog is trying to practice myself, well bahasa inglish kiter ni low sngat. Morever, practice makes perfect kan :)

Bila tngok blog2 member, rasa macam teruk sngat blog kita ni. Dah la xde visitor, pastu kupasan pum xmenarik. huhuk. Xkisahla sape nk dtg ziarah blog ni, kita bukan artis, xfamous der.huhuhuhu. So, i'm thinking of interesting topic to be share to all my readers and i think my experience life is also good to be as hot topic. hahaha. Lawak la, macam hot sngat la cik tiey ni kan. By the way, i'm looking for new material to make my blog looks so interesting and cute. lol.

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Salam Maulidur Rasul I wish to all of Muslims over the world! Today is holiday Thursday, so just spending my time at home rather than outing or hang out with my friends coz almost my friends are spending their time at their homes. I had spent at home just a few days ago, so just plan spending my time at rented house only. How bored it feels without planning what are going to be, just do everything that could be done. Homework does not given by lecturers, but as student duty all you might knew what we have to do.

Arghh!! Student life is fun and very busy by doing tutorial & study, but sometimes it could makes us fed up. So, today i'm going do everything that across on my mind only. Well, a lot of thing should be done actually, but my target for today is finishing study about protista (Biology), & playing games, watching movies and so on. However, how bad my planning day without doing beneficial thing rather than do such those things, so why not we selawat keatas junjungan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W on this special day.

Me as a Muslim is lacking of religious knowledge need to learn more about the fact of ISLAM. Even we were born as Islam, but almost all of us do not know the truth about ISLAM. If others people ask our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W biography details,  we can't give the best answer! It can't be doubt as it is the truth of Muslim in nowadays. So, im going to share about a few information about our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W :)

1. Name: Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim

2. Born: Monday, 12 Rabiulawal / 20 April 571M (known as tahun gajah; sempena 

peristiwa tentera bergajah Abrahah yangmenyerang kota Mekah)

3. Born place: At rumah Abu Talib, Makkah Al-Mukarramah

4. Father's name: ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim

5. Mother's name: Aminah binti Wahab bin ‘Abdul Manaf

6. 1st nanny: Barakah Al-Habsyiyyah (digelar Ummu Aiman. Hamba perempuan bapa Rasulullah 


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Speedy recover :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH for the speedy recover from kayap disease that I had been infected one week ago. So now, my shoulder is much better and I feel so....happy and not crying anymore wondering of this disease. A few day ago, i had met traditional healer where the healer treating my disease by using "sireh ludah" method. So, what across on your mind about "sireh ludah"? It sound so disgusting enough, but traditional method can't be argued as the way of threatening of disease is strange...strange %*##

Actually, this method of "sireh ludah" that called by oldest, as the most effective way to treat kayap disease even the way of threatening is too strange. It began by taking all of natural plants such as herbal, sireh and so on. Then, all of these plants include kapur and gambe that will be grinding onto the healer mouth until it form into homogenous mixture or in malay, biar lumat la. After that, it will be spread out on your infected region, kelompok air bisa. Well, it quite odor and disgusting, but there is the only way to treat kayap disease traditionally. So, you can return your home safely and by ALLAH willing, you will be recover and get well soon.

For those who need the healer service, you can find him at Kampung Tok Sadam, Pantai Cahaya Bulan Kelantan, People call him as Tok Syed Kuning or Tok Ayah, he is kind person and also friendly. Besides treating kayap disease, he also capable to cure "penyakit cacing" especially kanak2 and also buat air tawar utk melembutkan hati. The most important thing, he doesn't using spell or superstitious thing, but totally using Al-quran as his guidance on threatening disease. Now, my kelompok2 bisa mcam dh kering je dan sakit tu pum dh berkurang. Alhamdulillah again :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Jogging Time

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
Every Friday my friends and i, are going to Bukit Besar for exercising & jogging. Anyone yg asal Kuala Terengganu tu jom la join kiteorang. Best sngat2! Bangun pagi2, then jogging sambil tngok matahri naik. Wow, awesome scenery & good things to do than sleeping at early morning. Slpas naik bukit tu, boleh la exercise kat taman plak.

As a student, weekend day bnyak dihabiskan masa dngan tidur & rehat2 kan badan je. Tp, why not kalau hari minggu ni kita exercise & do sumtim yg give advantages kpd kita. So, sy plan setiap hari jumaat jogging with my friends & hari sabtu pula swimming. Mmg terbaik la! Alhamdulillah, b.m.i sy 19, so ideal level la, dgn ketinggian 164.5cm & berat 51.5kg. ;)

Ni gmbar spnjang aktiviti kami kat bukit besar, i will miss this moments with all of u guys :)