Monday, 29 October 2012

Project BIO300

let me share sumtim about PROJECTBIO300 for applied science student. i have done it & Alhamdulillah i had been successful finish on those project. i got the 1st place among all of my group batch. what the most important thing before starting the project, u have to think a good idea for your tittle of project. let me give you some tips:
1-A project that has not been done yet. ( a new venture)
2-Interesting project (make ur reader especially lecturer having curiosity on ur project)
3-Simple project and use less chemical (because it will take time to order chemical)
for the project BIO300, u have to present to your lecturers and judges. only 10% for the presentation. so, dont worry i f u have enough preparation.
I had asked my lecturer as she was judge for the presentation about the common question that will be asked. so, she gave a few ex:
-method of overall project
**Actually this subject is really fun especially during conducting this project. i have done an experiment which title is "the effectiveness of "......good luck to all of u!


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