Busy Week :(

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

This week is already week 3, means everything such as lab class, unknown lecturer for the class, cancel class are not the things that will be done on this week. Because it was just begun.

Sorry to say, "Im quite busy"

Now, i have just turn into semester 3 which is so though and heavy responsibility. Lecturers semua over-strict sampaikan membuatkan diriku terpaksa rajin. Always do preparation. Revision must!
Ahaaa. Thats good point to me. This sem, memang niat skor yang terbaik!

For those yg blogwalking, follow or sent flying card or whatsoever please wait for my arrival. lol.
I'm are able to create this entry, but i wouldn't able to visit and give respond to all of you cause it takes long time and make me far away from those things, book.....

Free time: Weekend only, but depends on wifi access :(

Need to digest all of this pages. My major *Genetics*

So, i'm so sorry ladies and gentlemen :)

Wish me and my friends all the best. Of coz, all you too. Being blessed by HIM :)


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