Thursday, 14 January 2016

End of Debate Session

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Last year, last semester. Xde la packed sngat jadual since 5 subjects je ambik n only 2 papers yang ada final. So, 2 yang lain no final papers but too much articles needed to read and test over n over. 
So, one of the subject is ethic, discuss on ethical issues on genetically modified application that had been established for a long time ago and recently try to market gmo product. 

We as a student mesti faham what is the gmo? Why do we need gmo? The advantages and disadvantages offered by them?
Basically, gmo involved the transfer of gene from one of source such as bacteria, virus or gene silencing to the subject sample. 

Ehh, ter introduce and explain pulak pasal gmo. Yesterday Alhamdulillah done debate session, represented as NGO which is against of the GMO product. 
We are focus on the GM Sweet pepper Capsicum annum viral disease resistant PK SP01

One of the valuable knowledge and information we've gained through the study of this subject- Ethic-
Kalau tanya public people and even the closest one especially our family they might clueless what is the GMO? Bahaya yang mereka xtahu, such a war tapi xnampak.

GMO xsemestinya buruk since it involved gene modification by altering natural creation but in order for human sustainable so we have to...

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