Monday, 29 April 2013

We Are ASUS users :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Here i am, trying to kick out this day by writing new entry. It is about a brand which is has being known since 10 years ago and still at the top brand nowadays. Am i right?? ASUS  is a famous brand, but it still could not be defeated by Apple brand la. So, far as an ASUS user Cik Tiey memang berpuas hati dengan dia punya design and longevity nya. My laptop series is A42J, brain (intel core I5) 2.3GHZ, 4Gyte memory, graphic card nvidia 1gb and original window 7. Two years ago, this laptop had been bought with RM2500,00. But, this price is decline drastically because of technology advancement.

Wow, daebak! Because of its ability, my family members are more prefer to use this brand rather than other brand. My elder sister was bought a new series laptop, (intel core i5) 2.6GHZ, graphic card nvdia 2gyte and window 8 which is RM1999.00. While my brother, his laptop price is RM2099.00. Even laptop tu mahal, tapi kalau ASUS brand mmg puas hati giler2. So, for those who want buy a laptop, i'm recommended to choose ASUS rather than other laptop! Cheaper and high longevity! 

##### Behind the scene of our laptops :)

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