Monday, 25 November 2013

The Worst Beginning of Degree

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Alhamdulillah petang tadi pukul 6ptg, the end of my marketing test. Tapi perasaan sedih tu sama banyak ngan happy. Haiyoo. I don't know what happen to me! Honestly, result test sekarang dah xsama macam dahulu. Jika dulu sangat "pelik bin ajaib" kalau xdapat A, tapi sekarang sangan aneh kalau dapat A. This is Degree beb. Haaah. Mengeluh T.T...Final exam is just around the corner, at the end of December my life become more worse. December is gonna say "hello" soon later and variety of test are waiting for us. Maka dengan ini ku umumkan perang belajar!

So sad cause i didn't score for the first test and after taking the 'paper" it was automatically crossing on my mind "Harap lulus" lol?? Mana yang sebelum ni keluar dewan sengih panjang lebar and the most important thing i can give a good expectation. But now? Pass is not the same "now". To Dayat, Azie and me be strong and keep believe there is a will thus there is a way. Fighting!


  1. Don't give up ! You can do it, just do it ! Do your best and gud luck :-)

  2. tiey.. sama an kita kat sini :'(

    1. Tula.The real Degree world just began. Keep calm and Gomo set kito Gomo :D


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