Got Phone Interview when i was sleeping!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good mornim you all! Have a nice day and salam  Israk Mikraj Day i wish to all of Muslims! My sleep is awakened by a call "withheld" even though the time is already 10.15a.m. hehehe. Last night i was slept too late, on 3.00a.m, so i decided to continue my sleeping on this morning. But suddenly i get a call for phone Interview session from Yayasan Sime Darby due to my scholarship application. I'm in confused whether i should to pick up the call or not because today is already 6 June?

However, my instinct ask me to pick up the call "maybe it is an important call" hissing of my heart. So, i just pick up the call in unconscious or still in sleep mood. Then a boy ask me "Boleh saya bercakap dengan Nurul Fatihah ***" That's me" so i just answered yup "saya". So, he starts speaking in English and told me that he was YSD assessor! Interview Phone for my scholarship!! It makes me going to faint due to a call without any notice~

Phone interview should be on 27-31 Mei 2013, So today is already 6 June. So that's why i do not too prepare! Ya'Allah, only you is my hope. Just hoping the best for that phone interview. I don't know whether the assessor could understand what i'm talking about during that session, well i'm still in sleep mode. There is a few question he asks:

*Phone Interview session by assessor of Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Your strengthen
  • You will be continued study in degree, what kind of course/field you are more prefer
  • Your contribution to our country in :politic/economy/educational:
  • A situation "Kawan anda drive kereta untuk menghantar anda untuk temuduga for this scholarship, it takes 3 hour but on that time, hujan sangat lebat and your friend is refused to send you. The car is belong to your friend! So, how should you do? and your respond toward your friend?
  • Lagi........xingat dah.huhuhu
So thats all guys! Entahla camner ngan phone interview session tu. Hanya mampu berdoa untuk lepas for this second level assessments. Kalau ad rezeki, interview kat Wisma Sime Darby KL la plak. Doakan sy :) 


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