Friday, 1 March 2013

MUET Speaking

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Oh, MUET speaking had been left, and there are only three parts which are writing, reading and listening not yet be taken. My MUET speaking is quietly worst coz of insufficient time to elaborate my points and i couldn't give the conclusion as the time was given is already end. So, just hoping the past could help me even though i could not get excellent result but still in regret mood. I was candidate A! So that, i feel so nervous and my mind is blurr ""kosong,kosong" such has not being taken MUET before this, well i'm repeater and it so sad coz i can't use my past experience during speaking test.

The question is "How to cope stress in all of levels": Candidate A point was |Do well in academic|. Based on our view the point is so easy, but i dont why i feel so nervous blurr and i don't why its happen during this test. I have prepared before, but it doesn't work as well as i expect because of long waiting for our session which is begin pn 11a.m, but i have been arrived on 7a.m. Ahh, it just a reason! So sad but no give up in my life! I will try my best for the next part that will be begin on 9.03.2013! Aja2 fighting Cik Tiey, in shaa ALLAH you can do the best among the best. Go go go and xoxo :)

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