Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fever, Flu, Headache & diarrhea

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good afternoon everyone. Weather always change its mood, sometimes rain, hot, cloudy and others. Thus, my body system also faced the same thing, where my body temperature rose drastically and i knew the sign of this. It was started by sore throat, abnormal inhale and next produce flu and then, my body become hotter. After these stages was began, headache is coming that inhibit or interfere my body system and also mood. Other than that, it also cause diarrhea and i wondered  the main factor of these problems happen. These diseases had been hit my body since 4 days ago, but just waiting for our body immune system to fight. However, it doesn't getting me feel much better but worse, so i have to take the next stage,which is drinking isotonic mineral water, taking pill and use another method in order to reduce my body temperature.

But, all these stages do not give the expectation result, so just hoping my best and pray to ALLAH for giving me faster recovery. As we know, every pain or sick that we have faced is the way to reduce our sin by ALLAH. Fortunately, we are still alive and able continue our life on HIS earth. I hope these diseases could run away from my body and getting well as soon as possible :)

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