Monday, 4 March 2013

IT's all about HILLS

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Have a good day and please keep on smiling :D. Recall back my childhood moment, i was a young girl that always wants herself to be carried away to a place which is a place that consist of or surrounded by HILLS. hehe. Well, i lived at Pengkalan Chepa or a town/city, so there is no hills, no green paddy fields, no mountain and no rivers. During my travelling to the rural place, i never closed my eyes even though i feel so sleepy because i love soo much looking to the surrounding scenery especially if there is hills! Hahaha. This is my awkward moment when i see there is hills and it was enclosed by fog and then i will imagine that i was there, such as has being in korea..keh2. I love hills too much until i set my dream to live near with hills and it will come true! Well, i got University offer from UiTM Chendering that is closely located with hills. Oh yeahhh.

When i was a child, i always wondered what is on the hills, either there is monster, princess or anything else! Until i have already arrived many times at the top of hills and i got the answer. Huhuhu. At Kuala Terengganu, i have almost spending here 3 years and i love too much spending at "this hills". Every moments will be kept with my friends safely. One more thing, i want to build a house at the top of hill. :)

#### Best siot dapat naik ngan kete, Cik Tiey nk try naik nga motor la plak. muahaha

#### With Syafikah (Sha) aka pinky gegurl

#### Mimi chomot

#### Shahida (Budak gangster Puchong) :P

#### Hills Lover |Sejuk sngat tido atas bukit ni|

##### Abang Aron yg seksi siot. wakaka

#### Cek mek molek & Cek awe dongde

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