Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cool mood

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good mornim guys and let bring a shine to our life by keep on smiling. :D. Today is sunday, so kuliah dah bermula as usual, so tugas sbgai seorang pelajar universiti dh bermula. keh2 selepas berehat dan bersenang lenang, tngok movie during weekend day. Ohhh. tidak!! I just have spending my precious time macam tu je and nothing i gain kecuali keseronokan. Memang amat berbahagia sesangat, sbab aku ckit pum xstudy for the chemistry analysis test and inorganic quiz. Chill and cool giler bravo..

Last semester, how does it describe my life during the last month at here. Study at last minute, can't get higher score and lazy student. But, one thing yg Cik Tiey pegang, kalau nk study tu study sedap laluh, dengan kata lain focus and pay attention on your study once you are making revision. The reason is, almost my friends behavior suka sngat study dengan cara, baca hodoh2 je dulu then hafal la. Sorry to say, this method could not help me, well i'm not smart enough rather than all of you, so i need to study hard, take a long time for do revision. Tapi, result first test agak kurang memberansangkanla dan agak sedih sngat. lol. So, do your best among the  best, and aja2 fighting!! Go go go and xoxox :P 

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