Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Happy Workers Day"

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good afternoon to all of public people! I wanna wish happy workers day to all of workers in Malaysia, especially to my beloved father, sister and my bro. For non government worker there is no meaning for "Workers Day" because they should sacrifice their off day by working in order to endure their life! How pity there are but how strong they are!! We are proud on them! #@salute!! So, what happen or what activity have you did? Rest at home? Going to holiday? Shopping??

Off day just not only giving a big meaning to government workers, but it also a good news to students! Am i right?? Of coz la. Holidayx2!! what always running on student mind. While i'm at home, wasting my time after have been finished my diploma just waiting for my plan to be fulfilled. However, non of my plans are working properly! Oh sad!! It makes me feel quite bad mood because of a promise made by sister which is not been realized! She promise to me or giving me a hope, which is bringing me into a place, but she didn't do what she had been promised!. 

My heart gonna burst because of this feeling #disappointed#$ enough when a person didn't fulfilled their promise. She told me "today is worker day" so i need to take rest"! Hurm, who am I should be an obstacle of her hope? She needs to take rest, so i just letting her word  fly away even i couldn't forced my temper flow out. Oichhh. Just giving her doing the best things and  make it as a gift for worker day. Rest and life happily.
Happy workers day### 

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