Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to increase your broadband speed

Hye guys, today i would like to share sumtim but b4 that, i wanna wish congratulation to all of PMR candidates for the result that have given on this day. Orite, straight to my purpose which is im try to share on how to increase our internet speed, especially for broadband. Ok,you all just follow my instruction and hopefully it could help your internet speed more better than before.

First step: Type "cmd" on your start search button

Next step is: Type on your command "ipconfig" and press ENTER key
then your internet ip address would be appear on this command such as or whatever & press ENTER key

last step is: Take your ip address and fill on that command ex: "ping -t" & press ENTER key.
Then you will be able to see repeated command.

So,that all from me and let's try on your broadband,perhaps it work :)
Sorry if there is a lot of mistakes because i'm just try to share as i can.


  1. Most welcome. Using "ping" for broadband speed is much better than wifi streamix. Try check your normal internet speed on then recheck again after using this command to assess the result.

  2. Awesome! It works more better than before.


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