Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sore throat :(

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hye everyone, today is first starting my first class after 1 week holiday break at home. However, my throat was sore and I don’t know how to treat this one. Sometimes, throat sore indicates that your body going to have fever & flu. Oh noo. I hate that too much! Last night, my head was pain and it might caused by migraine. But, there is no effort that had been taken by me in order to treat that disease.  What’s going on me?

No one wants their body being infected by diseases, as it might disturb our study & also concentration in class. So, I’m trying my best to recover from this sore. It’s very painful, even swallow saliva we can feel the pain. Hopefully, this sore pain can be recovered as soon as possible with some efforts needed. I have read one article on how to treat sore throat.

””Ambil secubit- tiga cubit habbatul barakah atau as sannut di dalam hadis yang lain juga lalu digigit perlahan2 lantas dikepat lama2. Insya Allah anda akan dapati kahak anda mula cair dan penderitaan anda perlahan2 berakhir... amalkan dua kali sehari.””

Based on him, taking a few seeds of Habbatus sauda could treat sore throat by taking 2 times per day. I will try this method, and In sha ALLAH this disease can be cured.

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