Sunday, 23 December 2012

Looking for natural beauty product?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hye everyone and sleep tight i wish to all of east cost people. Sleep during raining seasons is the best moment with cool air and good environment. Hihihihi

Straight to my purpose, i'm looking for natural beauty product right now?. Oh nope! I had found superB product and i'm trying to share to all of u. Natural products mean the chemical composition of those products are comprised from valuable nutrient that haven't hazard chemicals (side effect) for long period after using these products. As science student, being aware about chemical hazard is a good precaution before its too late to regret before choosing suitable product to apply on our skin body. 

First all, i would to share my product to all of my readers which is Metalfortis & Collagen Plus Vitamin E. Please visit on their fb page: sini

As consumer of this product, i'm recommended to all of gurls and boys by using this product as it could solving your skin problem. The most important thing, the chemical compositions of this product are valuable nutrients and good for skin care. I'm interested on its content which is made from cocos nucifera (kelapa). Last semester i have already done a research about this chemical compound and without doubt, i'm pretty sure this product is good to us.

Besides, there is no bad side effect during applying this product but it gives more better effect to me. So let's try this product :)


  1. Hey tiey! Ok ke product ni? Ad side effect x?

  2. Hey Natasya. Ok je tiey guna produk ni. Time guna tu ad la ckit mengelupas manja. As student science mengelupas tu kan related to cell division, renew cell. Hehehe. Mentang2 kita budak science kan. 1 set produk ni boleh habis smpai 3 bulan. Lama tuu, & kulit after apply consistenly effect dia putih & jerawat xde. Tp depend on type of skin la. Try la, mane tau produk ni ok nga tasya ke. :)

  3. Dah order pum. Nak try guna produk ni sbab member2 kat hostel ramai yg guna produk ni. Lgipun,mmg hasil tu boleh nmpak,mcam kulit member tu cerah gler pastu jerawat kurang. Tp,kita cuba dlu, maybe it's depend on our skin type kan. Tq for the information tiey!


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