Sunday, 23 December 2012

Recall back historical place

Assalamualaiku w.b.t,

Early morning i'm going to new secondary school that had been established about one year ago which is Sek.Men Panchor Perdana in order to register my youngest sister for intake in form 1. However, the date for registration is on 29 december, so we just return back to home. Oh noop. Nope return back to home, but having breakfast with my beloved family at Landak stalls. We are ordering nasi air and mee sup with air cendol's. Wow, awesome hot soup that suitable to be eaten during raining season.

Then, we are going to historical place which is pantai pak amat to see scenery at there. For a long time we haven't been here, all surrounding change because of physical factor and also environment. I don't know how to tell the differences of that place before and nowadays. But,let pictures describe everything.


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