Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Monsoon Season..


Monsoon season was began and heavy rain was pouring on earth, especially east coast state. So, raining season is a big challenge to us as a students that must be face especially going the campus by walking. That is   a big obstacle during that travelling right? However there must be complete preparation in order to face monsoon season such as buying big umbrella, plastic shoes, waterproof beg & also rain coat as the better protection from rain.

The most big challenge to students is "sleep" or hibernate during this nice temperature and wet surrounding. It make us to sacrifice our book rather than our blanket. Oh, that was a big serious problem that i should to handle!

But...mid sem break just around the corner. It is starting on 20-29 December 2012, & i'm waiting for the date to spend my hibernate time & doing some task too. Raining season? what cross on your mind? Only sleep right or doing the same thing that we have done during our childhood when this season was began? 
For me is time to find "monsoon food" and people might be know what's is on earth monsoon food should be.

Yessss!!! Kelantan "monsoon food" the most famous one is "Putu Halba" is made from tapioca. Wow, it taste is really great and i can feel my swallow is going to move through my esophagus!

Gulp,it look so delicious than other foods during this season. Besides, the best dishes during this season is nasi kosong with ikan masin goreng. That is awesome smell that could promote your body to breath deeply. HAHA
So here, only two famous dishes that could give people having a great moment during this season. But the most superb is sleep tight with your blanket,pillow and other stuffs that can comfort your raining day. :)

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