Sunday, 2 December 2012

My sweet moments during sending me at University :)


Assalamualaikum to all of my readers even though my blog doesn't has any readers. HAHAHHA. Its ok because my blog purpose is to release my feeling & what i want to write on my blog.
Today is Saturday, i was at my rented house since yesterday. My family was sent me and stay overnight at my rent house. They were just left on evening at 2pm after having fun.

Unforgotten moments with my beloved family that i was spent over 1 day and i would like to share those moment with u alls. Yesterday is the 1st day at Terengganu and we only spent our time at pantai pandak while eating sotong goreng,popiya & a few dishes. Then the night we just having conversation, watching television at my room as all of us were tired after being face long journey even it only takes 4 hours from kota bharu to Chendering. So the night, we were slept with blissful because so tired.

On this day, saturday we were going to Pusat Akuatik Batu Buruk at 9.20am then we were arrived at 9.40am. The first session was opened already, so we just buy 4 tickets,swimming clothes and jump into the pool quickly as it will be closed on 11.30am. After that, we were having a lunch at KFC, set c & the last moment before sending me at my rent house, we stopped at Kedai Keropok Losong 007 because we think that this shop is provided the most good keropok losong taste than others even we have a few dissatisfaction on their staff.

After that, i was arrived at my rent house and my family were continue their journey, back to home and arrived safely at 6pm. Alhamdulillah to ALLAH s.w.t for easiest our way & Hopefully my study journey is also smooth as well.

So the end of my sweet journey moment with my beloved family & Sorry to my reader if my English is very damn worst. I hope there is somebody can make correction on my error typing.

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