Saturday, 22 December 2012

Middle Semester Break

Hye & good night alls. I was at home since yesterday & spent my precious time with  sleeping only. Well, raining seasons make our feeling falling in love to sleep. In sha ALLAH, i will do all of my tasks that need to pay attention as the task must be submitted after this mid sem break. Two important task must be focus on which are PHY360 & CHM260! I have to find past research stuffs in order to complete my thesis of these projects.

Hey guys, it quite burden ourselves as we are still under Diploma level, but experience learn us on how to go further as we have already done a thesis for BIO300. So, focusing on my thesis for Physic, the purpose of study is to "evaluate and compare the stability of cement concrete mixed with waste material". Waste material? Such as glass,plastic,coconut shell,coconut fiber, rubber and so on. So that, we are trying to provide safeguard to environment as these waste material release harmful gas during disposal process. Besides, we also try to help construction to make variety of brick material composition which is cement+waste materials,perhaps can give more strength and high durability than normal one.

While, for Chemistry project we are trying to evaluate Habbatus sauda chemical composition. For our knowledge, our Prophet Muhammad use habbatus sauda as medicine instead of using chemical. Indeed, people will argue my statement as the bygone doesn't has convenient medicine such as nowadays. However, why Yahudi Laknatullah use habbatus sauda as their medicine rather than use convenient medicine? Pretty sure! The benefit of Habbtus sauda can't be doubt because of its chemical composition that we are trying to make some research and focus to only one compound which is Thmoquinone  functioning as anti-bacteria.

Hopefully, our research journey can run smoothly and we will try our best to be the best group and also give new knowledge to us. Moreover, our research could help people gaining new knowledge and we also can create new finding that give advantage to human being.

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