Tuesday, 1 January 2013


What is on your mind about this date? are u getting old or new determination will be setting? That's all is depend on you :). How about me? I'm going to be more oldest, 21 already yeah!! However, there is no matter how old are you,even you are getting old but does everyone care we are getting near to the death moment? ALLAHUAKBAR, how afraid felling when thinking about our last day on earth. So, for the new year, please set new determination in order to achieve our dreams! However, for those that their dreams do not come true yet for the past year, still on that same setting but try more effort and do your best!

For new year, i hope my dreams will come true. Hopefully i can finish my diploma study on this year with excellent result. The most important thing, wishing for graduate as ANC (Anugerah Naib Cansellor) student.  Besides that, trying to be good servant as khalifah of ALLAH s.w.t on this earth. May ALLAH bless our past and future day. AMIN. So,nothing to share,just try to pour out my feeling :)>..On first day in 2013, more obstacle must to face as this is monsoon season was begun and this day, raining  fall on earth without stop and i'm wondering about raising of water in water stream, so it may cause flood. There is so big challenge that we need to prepare and faced, but hoping the best!

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