I have been infected by Herpes Zoaster (Kayap)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hye everybody! How about your day? Salam Jumaat from me :)
I was at home since yesterday because an emergency case. Actually i have been infected by a virus Herpes zoaster or we call as KAYAP. As we know kayap is a serious disease that can cause fatal, however its depend on the type of kayap either its already bad or its was just begun so it not serious at all. Before this, i have listen about this disease from my biology lecturer, where his father had been infected by kayap ular and suffered because of this disease. So, i feel very afraid after knowing how dangerous this disease is and instantly searching its causes and how it could be threatened. I feel so worry and just hope this disease never infect me. 

However, after one week i feel quite pain on my left shoulder such as it had been hit by strong object. Everyday, i will check on my shoulder what is going on my shoulder, but nothing was happen. If i not mistaken, after 3 days my shoulder was pained, red spots emerged such as "tompok2 air bisa" on my shoulder. It makes me sad and worry whether i have been infected by the virus or not, because my shoulder becomes so painful and itchy. On that day, i went to Dr.Nadiah clinic and asked for my disease. She said that i have been infected by the disease and i feel so sad because it can cause fatal. But, she said that kayap is not dangerous, but "kayap" that can cause fatal is due to the suffers, where they are not trying  to cure themselves and also because they have been infected by other diseases such as HIV, Diabetes and so on so, their immune system already weak to fight disease as a result this disease can cause lethal!

She added that this disease its painful enough because this virus is infecting our nerve system. Besides, its also among the chichken pox virus that have been dormant in our body. When time is arrived, the virus will start its infection such as kayap. Then, she gave me Antivirus, analgesics and cream and the total price is RM135 only. Wah, very expensive siot and i'm going to fall off because i only bought RM100, then borrowed my friend money. Now, i was at home and trying to consult with traditional healer. Hopefully, i can recover from this disease as soon as possible because i dont want to miss my class.

Figure above shows Herpes disease, camtu la sy kena. tp sikit je tompok sbab awal2 dh makan antivirus tu, so maybe infection dia dh kurang kot. Semoga penyakit sy ni cepat sembuh la & cepat smpai kat tmpat bljar.


  1. berubat kat mana ye dik.? berapa lama amik masa nak sembuh? thx for the info :)

    1. Kalau kena kayap better berubat dengan ustaz atau pengamal perubatan Islam. Makan ubat kerajaan atau swasta memang xde kesan langsung. Cara terbaik untuk ubati kayap ialah sireh ludah. Alhamdulillah, lepas 3 hari berubat secara traditional tu, kayap dah hilang dan lengan pum xrasa sakit.

      Welcome. Ni lokasi dia dalam entry ni. http://tieysmilez.blogspot.com/2013/01/speedy-recover.html


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