Thursday, 24 January 2013

Planning For Tomorrow

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Tomorrow is holiday Friday, so my planning are spending my time with jogging and swimming! So, begin your day by doing healthy activities, so we will get ideal body shape and good health condition rather than taking expensive supplement. So far, my internal body is under ideal range but always being infected by disease, however it could not be avoided as ALLAH will. Now, people in my rent house are busy talking about herbalife product and also consume that product as they believe it could realizes their dreams to give a good body shape (more healthier). Since the price is very expensive, i'm not among the consumer as it only available to loaded person.

For me by taking additional supplements are not enough if you are not exercise or do not have a good life condition. For example, lacking of water intake, do not exercise, always do sleeping, and eat at late night.  So, nothing at all you can have a healthy condition if doing such these things. If you are desire to have a good body shape, you should try to swim, jogging and do others activities. This is because, when we do exercise, it will move our some of muscles that are rare used, so that it could burn up your fat at those area especially saturated fat (selulit).

Ceh, what nonsense talk that i have bubbling on above status. haha. Actually the main purpose is to share the two main activities will be done tomorrow, but a few advice also is given or we call as bubbling. hehe. However, feels quite sad where my beloved thing, camera was left at my home coz forgot to bought it when come to tganu. So, no photos will be post as the prove of our activity that have been done. hehe. No need la, gempak sngat la cik tiey ni kan. So, for those yg nk trut serta jogging kat bukit besar & swimming kat kompleks akuatik kuala terengganu jom la join skali.

Last but not least, wishing a good day for tomorrow and may ALLAH ease our way :) XD

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