Let BYGONE Be gone

Assalamualaikum wb.t,

Good morning to all of u and have a nice day ;). How was your sleep? You have been dream met a prince or princess or this is your worst dream? Hopefully, we never make our dream as a guidance of our life, but just make it as a games during sleeping, well my dream was nightmare because had watched ghost movie " Minyak Dagu" with my roommates. So, tidur pum xlena al maklum la every minute tersedar sbab terkejut dgn mimpi smpai xsabar nk bngun. hehehe. The most important thing, say ALHAMDULILLAH to ALLAH s.w.t for giving our chance to live our live again.

Semalam dh habis berjuang test 1 for analysis chemistry and Alhamdulillah berakhir sudah kepenatan yg melanda, al maklum la this subject is heavy enough and gives a big burden to me and other students as this chapter should be taken by degree level, tp mungkin sbab kiteorang terer sngat kot. hahaha. INI SEMUA POYO.....So, 1st test utk setiap subjek dh berlalu, tp xtaula each my test was kicked out by doing a lot of mistake and i was realized after going out from the test. Agak sedih bila 1st test xdpat nk skor tinggi, and the most thing that make me quietly furious is by doing silly mistake. Tp, sabar je la dan anggap ni sebagai ujian ALLAH & take note atas kecuaian diri sendiri.

So, let bygone be gone! We should regret to our past but bring sumtim new which is new effort in order to change back the mistake and by doing well. Inshaa ALLAH, this mistake will be recall back and never try to repeat it, as Entrepreneur said "Good entrepreneur is a person that  quick learner from their failure to be successful person". So, normal la tu fail awal2 benda yg kita buat kan, so at the end we might get what we want and we are deserve to get it, but with a strong effort need to be taken.

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