Never Judge anything that u don't know the TRUTH!

Assalamuaalaikum w.b.t,

We often listen the phrase "Dont Judge people by its cover"! As a Muslim, judging people "pig blindly' can cause as a fitnah to those persons that you have been judged. Judging without knowing the truth is common matter among us without thinking of the consequence. Sometimes, most people always judging beggar as a cheapest people as they always asking for something or anything that would be given by others. But, as human being we should consider about their life, maybe they are suffered, a lot of burden and we should play main role to be their part of life, by helping them.

Straight to my story, as i have posted a status about my hang out day with my friends just now and i would like to share about humanity nature. While we are waiting for bus keranda, one old man comes to us and asking for help. He tells his problem to us that his motorcycle was damaged, so he left his young daughter at a location. Because of worrying about his young daughter to be taken, he borrowed an Chinese motorcycle. But, he doesn't has sufficient money to be used for another reason (not clearly listen his talks as we are beside the road). He is trying to tell that he need a help to have RM18, maybe to pay his motorcycle damage  repair.

He appearance, talks, face makes all of us gonna drop out of our tears, so we decided to collect our money and giving to him. After giving the money, he gives broad smile to shows his pleasure and appreciate to us for our helping. He trying to contact us to replace back this money soon, but we just give back a beautiful smile as we tell him that this given are sincerely from us. He also looks quite guilty as he asking for help from students, and worried whether we have enough money to eat. Finally, he left us and taking his borrowed motorcycle, at the same time giving a hon and bye to all of us. One of my friend has already drop out her's tears, but i'm just force myself to be a strong as i can.

Moral value that we got from yesterday, help people that need a help as We have ALLAH & In shaa ALLAH, HE will help you when you are needed a help! This story is not trying to make me "RIAK", But im trying to share how sweet moment when you are helping people that really need a help. :) I hope may ALLAH ease the uncle way :)

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