Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Speedy recover :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH for the speedy recover from kayap disease that I had been infected one week ago. So now, my shoulder is much better and I feel so....happy and not crying anymore wondering of this disease. A few day ago, i had met traditional healer where the healer treating my disease by using "sireh ludah" method. So, what across on your mind about "sireh ludah"? It sound so disgusting enough, but traditional method can't be argued as the way of threatening of disease is strange...strange %*##

Actually, this method of "sireh ludah" that called by oldest, as the most effective way to treat kayap disease even the way of threatening is too strange. It began by taking all of natural plants such as herbal, sireh and so on. Then, all of these plants include kapur and gambe that will be grinding onto the healer mouth until it form into homogenous mixture or in malay, biar lumat la. After that, it will be spread out on your infected region, kelompok air bisa. Well, it quite odor and disgusting, but there is the only way to treat kayap disease traditionally. So, you can return your home safely and by ALLAH willing, you will be recover and get well soon.

For those who need the healer service, you can find him at Kampung Tok Sadam, Pantai Cahaya Bulan Kelantan, People call him as Tok Syed Kuning or Tok Ayah, he is kind person and also friendly. Besides treating kayap disease, he also capable to cure "penyakit cacing" especially kanak2 and also buat air tawar utk melembutkan hati. The most important thing, he doesn't using spell or superstitious thing, but totally using Al-quran as his guidance on threatening disease. Now, my kelompok2 bisa mcam dh kering je dan sakit tu pum dh berkurang. Alhamdulillah again :)

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