Saturday, 26 January 2013

Almost my half day outing with my friends!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good evening everyone,today  bright sun beam makes surrounding hot and the best way is take rest at home. Well, after one half of yesterday was spent by outing and had did a lot of fun activities. Began at 7.30am, went to the Bukit Besar for jogging by prebet Abg Sabri with six other members. As we arrived, there is already a lot of people do their activities for example jogging, aerobic exercise and so on. While, six of us jogging along the bukit besar and its needs strong mentality as the hill is quite steep and we need strength to climb up, or jogging la.hehe. But, there is a lot people over age range and our surrounding environment is also good as we have to compete with each other to get the best quick arrived.

However, one of my member could not reach at the top of the hill as she is going to faint and would like to vomit. So, she just take rest at the middle of our journey games. hohoho. After reaching at the top of hill, all of us are tiring enough and take a long rest to recover back our lost energy. 10 minutes already past, so we decided to start jogging down the hill as this is the bigger challenge to us to keep moving down as the hill is so high and steep. We moving down the hill without having a break as the hill is so steep so we could not control our leg until we success arrived at the bottom of hill. Then, we are going to the park where it is located in front of the hill and we do some exercise before continue our next plan which is swimming. hohoho.

We are decided to take bus keranda as the fees is much cheaper than taking prebet with price only RM1. So, we have to wait for the 1st bus which is at 9.05am and wait, wait, wait until the bus has arrived at 9.40am. Before taking the bus we asking to the driver either we could go to our destination by taking this bus and absolutely our surrounding people look us such foreigner  HAHAHA. So happy and appreciate too much to the bus driver because of his kind person and friendly taking us to the Kompleks akuatik at Pantai Batu Buruk.

After that, we do swimming and this is my 4 times going to the swimming pool! We took session II, starting from 9.30a.m-11.30a.m, but we have already lost our 30minutes, so just using the rest of precious time by swimming. Then, we planning not include me ;) to release our tension by karaoke. hehehe. So, im just follow them but before that we are taking KFC meal for our lunch as our new energy recovery. Then, we take again bus keranda about 2 times to go the karaoke station.After making our throat thirsty, we do play children games which is playing car race and motor gp. kuikuikui. Fuhhh,after 12 hours going out with my friends, we back to our home and rest sufficiently to recover back our fuel.huhu. That is great moment that we are ever forgot and will be remember always!

###Waiting for the bus....

 ### Lunch at KFC.....
****My beloved roommate SHIDA a.k.a gangster Puchong.hoho

**** Thirah, my new friend.hohoho

 ### Taking Bus KERANDA.....

**** Rasa macam duk kat bangladesh doh, coz almost bus passengers are Bangladeshi..

###Playing child games

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