Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Blogger

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hye, i'm new blogger and i will try my best to  learn more about on how to manage blog and do leave comment. Xkisahla komen anda tu membina ke x, In sha ALLAH sy akan terima seadanya :). Actually, this blog function as diary replacement as well as we knew handwriting too much tiring rather than hand typing kan. Bab2 writing dlm bhs ingelish ni, mmg bnyak la kena komen especially grammar berterabur la & macam2 la. But, the main purpose of having blog is trying to practice myself, well bahasa inglish kiter ni low sngat. Morever, practice makes perfect kan :)

Bila tngok blog2 member, rasa macam teruk sngat blog kita ni. Dah la xde visitor, pastu kupasan pum xmenarik. huhuk. Xkisahla sape nk dtg ziarah blog ni, kita bukan artis, xfamous der.huhuhuhu. So, i'm thinking of interesting topic to be share to all my readers and i think my experience life is also good to be as hot topic. hahaha. Lawak la, macam hot sngat la cik tiey ni kan. By the way, i'm looking for new material to make my blog looks so interesting and cute. lol.

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