Monday, 28 January 2013



Good afternoon to everyone over the world. How about your day? My day is quite STRESSS!! Arhhhhh. Im gonna shouting because of heavy stress! Tomorrow is my second quiz for CHM260, but im only finished study half of it should be finished, but my brain is already hang. Fuhh, i don't know how to make myself feel comfort enough and having an interest to love this chapter as this note is very thick than the others.

Hurm, what's going on me? Actually it always happen as we do not having interest on our study even though we have already force ourselves. So, to take back my good feeling, i was done various things such as watching runningman, play zombie vs plant game and so on. However, these don't work and nothing were changed instead of making me going crazy coz time is already going to left myself. So, the best answer, sleep tight. ok baiiiii...............

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