26 February start for MUET?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good mornim and happy Chinese New Year to all of Chinese in Malaysia and over the world. How are you today and how about your planning during this public holiday? Im gonna go sumwhere with my beloved family, does anyone wants to follow me? hehe. Straight to my purpose, i wanna tell you that my MUET speaking test is just around the corner and it makes me such as being haunted by a ghost. Arhhh, nervous feeling its already comes and it could makes me lost my appetite. I am repeater of Muet candidate, so that i soo afraid from this haunted moment happen again, but i hope this is final trial to me and i will do my best! Wish me luck :)

I'm a bad English user, so that i need a guideline in order to ensure that i will pass this test! So, i used this MUET book to enhance my English in term of speaking, listening, reading and also writing. This book is quite thick, but there is no reason to complete all of these book task and i hope by doing this practice it could help my English more better than before. XD.

Here, a few useful expressions or linker that can help to ensure a smooth delivery of your ideas from this book and i hope it might helps all of you :)

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