Monday, 25 February 2013

Hey Mr. Raining Day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Have a good day and take care of your self especially during this raining season to all of you, wherever you are! How about your day guys? Hibernation time or do celebrate water festival? My place has been hit by a continuous heavy rain, so increasing water stream in drain and it gonna causes flood. Oh yeahh! So, i need to be prepare going to the campus by taking boat. muahaha. Just kidding. Pouring rain on earth heavily every -single time does make sense to cause flood, so we should to take early precaution. First of all, we should bring umbrella whenever you are getting out from your home :)

Rain pour on earth, hit the plants, it growing into dark green, make photosynthesis, release oxygen, thus there is fog enclosed my place and it so nice scenery such has being locate at high altitude place: Cameron Highland. Oh, fresh air inhaled into trachea, to lung and could make everyone fresh. hehe. It gonna make your life is good and having a great life here.

Here, a few scenery during raining season. It had been taken through my long journey |Going to campus|.

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