Sunday, 3 February 2013

News about a DEATH

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good morning to all of you and let pray to ALLAH may Him ease our way today. Alhamdulillah and praise be to ALLAH as He still gives a change to us to live this life and can continue our journey as a person that has a lot of responsible. I was slept at 3.00 a.m after knowing that my roommate father's is in dying or in a unstable condition, just waiting for a call of death. She got a call at 1.00 a.m from her sister's, and not believe  her sister's news as she thought that her sister is making a joke, but then she cried out and vomit. My others roommate and me just look at her in order to give her release the pain of losing someone that we loved.

After that, we were called any staff that responsible due to emergency cases such as when occur a death among our family members, but there is no respond. It makes feel such as being fool, they tell us that they will give a rapid respond when an emergency case is happen, but now? Then, a man of our university staff picked up the call, and his respond gonna make us feel such as in fire as he said that college management does not provide emergency car for non resident (Student that stay outside from college) but he is trying to call another staff in order to ask for more detail about our NR status.

It have been a few minute, but nothing we can do as my roommate was cried out and she look so weak. Then, we got a call from the staff that they only provide a transport of an emergency cases that is only begin to proceed at 8.00 a.m. Its again gonna makes us such as being fool by college management as they said that if an emergency cases occur, they will provide a transport to send the student ON THE SPOT! But now? What the hell of a promise? Besides that, what does our NR status as they said that they will give the same service with others resident? After doing a discussion among of our housemate, one of housemate decided to send her at a one location, then one of her's family member will take her at that location as we (girl) are not able to send her at her's house because of far journey should be taken, from Chendering to Jerteh and also because of driving at late night.

At 3.00 a.m, those that send her's return back at home safely and Alhamdulillah again to ALLAH for ease our way. After that, we sleep as this time is already late and we have to wake up at early mornim for tomorrow class. Suddenly, at 5.40 a.m i got her message that her father's had already pass away. So, we just pray on her, may ALLAH ease her way and may her's father granted in Jannah. Let we pray together to her besides reading al-fatihah & yaasin to his father late. 

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