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Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Life is not complete without we do the same thing (repeated things) that we call as a habit or common name is Hobby. Every people have different hobby such as travelling, shopping, sleeping and so on. Let me recall back our past, the most famous hobby that people always do is collecting stamps! Am i right? When i was a young girl, i remembered that my uncle book is filled by various stamp collection and that's we call a hobby. But, this hobby is rare done by other people and i don't why, maybe it not interesting enough in nowadays. However, there is a same hobby that related to stamp collection hobby, but it could gives people gain money. So, the hobby is old coins collection and it has been famous among eldest stage only because "classic things" are not liked by teenagers or youngest stage people.

Let move on my purpose, which is the advantages of behind collecting old coins as it gives you triple folded than you have! I mean, the value of your money which is RM0.50 could be sell at RM1K above and you will imagine the profit of sale you will get. But, only certain coins that will get such as that higher sale, for example 10sen in 1971, 50sen 1971 and others. More information, you can visit this So, after visiting this website, it makes me to try involve in old coins saving that could reach a huge of old coins collection. The price of Malaysia coins are depend on certain specialized characteristics for example 10 sen coins money in 1971, that have been produced in small amount only which is 32,236 pieces only but then it loses because of natural disaster. So that, these pieces of coins are rare to be found, thus make the price at higher value. So, this is a great hobby and it could give a big profit to us, so why not we try to collect them. If, we get our money balance is coins, so why not we check it either it could gain you a profit or useless. Go go go and xoxoxo.

#### Revolution of Malaysia coins

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