Thursday, 21 February 2013

Saving Money

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Good afternoon and have a nice day i wish to all of you! First of all i wanna ask "does everyone likes money"?? haahaha. The answer is "of coz" la.huhu. Money is everything nowadays as we need money to survive and this thing is more important than food. Is it right? It is absolutely correct because we need money to buy food.hihi Ok. Let move on my purpose, everyone does saving money?? Since we were children, we have been teach to save our money either it will be used for an emergency cases or for our future. But, there is an obstacle to us in order to save money consistently, especially children. This is because, they are trying to take their saving for buying anything that they want even there is only some of money that has been collected.

Saving money it is a good practice to do because when we are in an emergency cases it could help us right!, for example lacking of money at the end of seasons, such as me during at the end of semester. hehe. So that, we still can survive by using our saving money instead of being starving after our main fund which is PTPTN or JPA has been completely used. After calculating my money that have been saved about 2 semester, it reach RM200 total! Wah!! not too bad la. huhu. During calculating my saving money, there is a few pictures that have been snap. muahaha

#### This is my "tabung" that save my money safely. hehe

#### Can do you estimate how much these coins are?

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