Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Youngest Sister

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Life is not perfect without being loved by your surrounding people especially your beloved family. Who you are without your parents, your mum giving a birth and should suffer during her pregnancy period and during giving a birth because of you. Who you are without your father, who is a leader that work hard to ensure you are be fed. So, you should realize from come you are exist and you would not long lasting live in your life without all of them. Eakk, whats going with my remark? ok2. hehe. Straight to my purpose, 'you are alone' without being loved, either your parents your siblings, friends and others. But, your life could has a bright smile and happy with your brothers and sisters.

I have a youngest sister, she is Syafikah and so smart enough rather than when i was a children. hehe. However, she is quite dark than another sibling and i don't why it could happen, may be it causes from ancestor heredity. hehe. Here we see, her photos that have been taken by me. So, that is my activity when i was at home, touch up and taking photo.hihi

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