Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tomorrow quiz is cancel?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Before sleep, im gonna pour out my feeling on my blog in order to reduce my burden. Actually im so disappointed because tomorrow quiz was cancelled. May be some of you thinking of my respond is so weird because it does not make a sense as people especially student will happy if quiz or test will be cancelled. But a strange person such as me could be called as normal human being or what? hahaha. Yup! I'm normal human being, so that i feel there is unfair when you are cancel anything else that have been set up for a long time at last minute.

I'm gonna crazy because of studying for tomorrow quiz as this chapter is much longer, so need spend a lot of time for do revision. However, there is a shock news that beyond of my exception, which is my quiz is cancel, but for those who not yet study have celebrate the news such as they have being winning a big prize. How this news can make my heart broke up. Lol. It such as a lies! Well, it doesn't make my heart break up, but it makes me down as i have to keep all of my study for the next,next day.

However, i should to accept what it will be as ALLAH knows what have been happened and it may has something that is more special to me. So, i wish all of topics that have been studied will be saved in my brain safely and wouldn't tear out until the time is comes. In shaa ALLAH & may Him ease my way also :)

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