Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mornim guys

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Monim guys and have a nice day. So, Saturday is still holiday so what are activities will be do? Hang out, jogging or do something else to spent this day. Me.....just spending my precious time by doing beneficial things such as do my homework and study. Tomorrow Sunday is quiz for Biology, so i need to finish on my  study before tonight because this night is a tournament of football between Red warrior against semen(Indonesia). So, i have to focus on my study starting on this early morning and i wish my study can run smoothness. huhuhuhu

But, there is also another task should be completed which is literature review for Chemistry project and a few of lab report need to be submitted on next week.So that, i have to manage myself, what the 1st thing i have to complete, absolutely study for quiz!!!Yeah, i got it.hehehe. How can people decide their decision just thinking of the solution through blog. muahahaha. Orite, i'm gonna say bubye and let having a good day. Life hard but cheer up your life by doing anything else that bringing your life meaningful enough to make as sweet moment to be remembered.

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